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Inspired by new wooden jigsaw puzzles of animals with beautiful patterns, I realised I could create a special puzzle that included a beautiful variety of wildlife. Living near a beautiful national park in Western Australia, I was inspired to create a wooden jigsaw puzzle that included the abundance of unique Australian animals. This is where the Kangaroo Vision Jigsaw Puzzle was born. The enthusiasm I've received for these puzzles has made me realise what a gift these wooden jigsaw puzzles are to everyone who owns them. It has given me inspiration to continue to create and design more.

My husband who was born in South Africa, encouraged me to design an elephant jigsaw puzzle that displayed the spectacular array of African wildlife. Animals of Africa Jigsaw Puzzle has been a wonderful puzzle to design, giving me an excuse to draw those amazing iconic animals that the world is so intrigued with.

With Orca’s Ocean Jigsaw Puzzle, we delve into the depths of the sea. The breathtaking animals that inhabit our waters fill the shape of a killer whale. The Ningaloo Reef in the north of Western Australia inspired this puzzle, with the gentle whale shark, manta ray, turtles and its other amazing sea creatures. The ocean is such a magical place and I will continue to draw inspiration from it.

When deciding what jigsaw puzzle to design next, I find the decision is made for me. That is how I felt with my next design. I was out walking and the sky filled with hundreds of black parrots, the noise can be quite deafening. I’m always surprised at how large they are. The black parrot has a spectacular blaze of red across its tail. Parrots Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle is coming soon and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Rupert and I have created Puggle Puzzle to bring something different to the jigsaw world. We hope our amazing wooden jigsaw puzzles bring joy and intrigue. Our aim is to produce wooden puzzles that hold your attention, where the more you look, the more you see. We have had so much fun creating these wooden jigsaw puzzles and have many more to come.

You can also find our puzzles on Amazon and Etsy.

Phoebe and Rupert



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