Puggle Puzzle offers beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzles with intriguing designs that will capture your imagination. Each puzzle has been designed by Western Australian artist Phoebe Booth with the purpose of breathing life into the wonderful world of jigsaw puzzles. 

Each Puggle Puzzle jigsaw comes in a stylish robust wooden box. The wooden jigsaw pieces are made from basswood plywood and boast unique shapes, including different animals. Puggle Puzzles make the perfect premium gift for yourself or a loved one.

Puggle Puzzle is a Western Australian family owned and operated business. The name for a baby echidna is a 'puggle' and so it was decided to have a logo of an echida and use the name Puggle Puzzle.

There is much pleasure involved in creating these jigsaw puzzles and we hope to share it everyone who owns them. We wanted to create a puzzle that you can't take your eyes off, where the more you look, the more you see.


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